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Digital Power Guard (Custom Programable)


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Poles Number: 2
Product name: Voltage protector
Rated current: 1A-63A
Rated voltage: 220v
Name: over and under voltage protector
Standard: automatic voltage protector
1.Over-voltage protection
 2.Under-voltage protection
 3.Over-current protection
4.Automatic recovery
5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)
6.Current display (current measurement)
Product Parameters:
1 .Model number: G56790-63BTY
2.Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz
3.Max.Loading power:  1~63A  Adjustable(default:63A)
4.Over-voltage protection value range:221V~300~OFF(default:280V)
   Over-voltage recovery voltage range:220V–299V(default:250V)
   Over-voltage protection action time:0.1s~10s(default value:0.1s)
5.Under-voltage protection value range:219V–150V –OFF(default:160V)
   Under-voltage recovery voltage range:151V–220V (default:180V)
   Under-voltage protection action time:0.1s~10s(default:0.1s)