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3G SDI to Fiber Converter Set With 2 Modules


3G SDI to Fiber Converter Set With 2 Modules RS 32000


1Pair 3G SDI :

1080P 3G HD SDI Fiber Optic Extender Converter 20km+1Chanel Local SDI Loop Out BNC Coaxial Signal Optic Dual SDI outputs For Monitor DVD Singlemode Single Fiber LC/UPC Simplex

The fiber extender transmits 3G/HD-SDI video signals over a long distance through a single fiber cable, and supports 8-channel embedded audio synchronization function; It can adapt to a variety of complex application environments.The equipment has excellent image processing and transmission capabilities, making the signal transmission more smooth and stable. It is a reliable, high performance and efficient 3G/HD-SDI signal extension mode.
1.Long distance transmission of 3G/HD-SDI video and audio signals through optical fiber, up to 3-20KM (default 3KM)
2.HD video signal resolution up to 1920*1080P@60Hz
3.Support all digital lossless transmission, 8-channel embedded audio and video synchronous transmission
4.Support local output, the remote end support two-way synchronous output
5.Support PAL/NTSC, strong compatibility, able to automatically identify and configure various display modes
6.Support plug and play and hot plug
7.Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable
8.Built-in ESD protection system
9.Simple to install, plug and play
Technical Norms:SMPTE standard
Video bit rate:MAX 3.2 GB/Second
Input/output cable specification:≤150m(Belden 1694A cable standard)
Video input/output impedance:75Ω
Video input/output voltage:1Vpp;Min:0.5Vpp/Max:1.5Vpp
Differential gain (10% ~ 90% APL):<1%
SDI resolution
625/25 PAL,525/29.97NTSC,525/23.98 NTSC
Support SDI specification
270Mbps(SD-SDI), 1.485Gbps/M(HD-SDI)
SMPTE425M3Gb/s Mapping(3G-SDI)
SMPTE424M 3Gb/s serial
Optical fiber interface:LC
Fiber type:Single mode single fiber
wavelength:Single mode 1310nm;1550nm
Max transmission distance Default: 3KM;Max: 20KM
Power:DC 5~12V/1A
Power Consumption:MAX 5W
Temperature:Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity:Operating humidity: 0 ~ 90%
Mean time between failures:≥100000hours
SDI extender TX x1pcs
SDI extender RX x1pcs
Power adapter x2pcs
User manual x1 pcs