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12V 5A pulse repair type liquid crystal lead-acid Battery intelligent charger


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Product name: 12V 5A pulse repair type liquid crystal lead-acid Ba-ttery intelligent charger
Product color: yellow-black, red-black
Shell material: ABS
Product size: 150*85*62mm
Plug specifications: American regulations, British regulations, European regulations
Length of output line: 65cm
Input line length: 90cm
Input voltage: AC 110-220V (50-60HZ)
Output voltage: DC 13.8-15.5V
Output current: DC=5A (maximum)
Scope of application: 12V 2Ah-100Ah
Packing list: car Ba-ttery charger*1, manual*1


1. Multiple modes: The car pulse maintenance charger supports car mode, start-stop mode, motorcycle mode and maintenance mode.
2. Wide application range: The pulse repair charger is suiTa-ble for 12V lead-acid batteries, start-stop batteries, and dry water batteries, but lithium batteries are prohibited.
3. Temperature detection: The microcomputer automatically recognizes the ambient temperature and gives you the appropriate Ba-ttery charging voltage according to the season to extend the Ba-ttery life.
4. LCD screen: The pulse repair charger has an LCD screen, which can accurately display temperature, current, voltage, power, etc. for you.
5. Application vehicle: Pulse repair charger is suiTa-ble for SUV, small steamboat, motorcycle, engineering vehicle, automobile, dry water Ba-ttery.
6. Smart chip: It adopts CPU precise control, multiple protections, and automatic shutdown, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.